Summre | Lakeside Senior Session

Summre works as a Trail Guide at local stables in Southlake Texas. She wanted to use her favorite horse, Dallas and the stable allowed her to use him for the session. We did some photos of just Summre at the barn, then we headed to the lake for some water shots. There was a little issue getting to the location, with all the rain the trail where flooded. I was able to drive close to the location, but Summre had to work her way through the flooded trail. It was all worth it!

Kelly & Rio | An Equestrian Photo Session

Kelly is one of my equestrian models and I love how much preparation she put into her photo session. Each outfit was thought out for her horse’s color, the location and the look she wanted. Kelly made a beautiful floral wreath for her horse, Rio. She did an instructional video on Instagram how she made it too. We her session at Bay Yard Farms in Bartonville, Texas.

MacKenzie | FFA Member

We did MacKenzie’s session at what I like to call my outdoor studio, which is my neighbor’s pasture and their “junkyard” I hope they never clean up the area as it is a photographer’s dream. We had a nice overcast day which made for some nice soft light. As the sun started to set, a break in the clouds gave a beautiful glow to the grass field, another photographer’s dream!

Kaitlyn and Her Four Horses!

We did Kaitlyn’s photos with each of the 4 horse’s separately for her to use in a variety of show ads. One of the ads, designed by EM Designs, had all 4 horses it and she posted on her Instagram feed “Too many horses??? No such thing.” Kaitlyn shows under the guidance of Gillespie Show Horses in Whitesboro Texas. Kaitlyn competes in both AQHA & APHA.

Mikayla & Greg's Proposal; Equestrian Style

Greg gave Mikayla & her horse Lucy a photo session for Mikayla's birthday, but he had a special surprise of his own.

Rachel and Her Super Cute Dog

I have been photographing Rachel and her family for years! I have even known Rachel even longer as her and my daughter showed horses and went to the same 4H club together. It seems just like yesterday when did her high school senior portraits, I think time was in fast forward when she asked me to do her college graduation photos, and a Master’s degree too. She brought along her sweet lab, Scout, and he had a matching graduation cap. How cute is that! Rachel graduated from University of North Texas in Denton. Go Mean Green!

APHA Youth World Show Photos | Pilot Point Texas

I have been photographing Christensen Show Horse’s Youth Kids for several years now. I enjoy seeing these kids grow and how they improve each year. I always look forward to seeing each of them do at the Show . These are hard working kids and their accomplishments reflect that.




Grace's Senior Pictures With Her Charolais

We split Grace’s photo session up into 2 separate sessions. We originally had it scheduled in early spring, but when she found out that one of her show cows was going to be sent to the breeders we moved part of the session to January. It was cold, but Grace never missed a beat. I was all bundled up and kept asking her if she wasn’t too cold and she always said she was fine. We took the cattle photos at her FFA barn and I set up a mini studio in the barn isle. That way we said out of the wind for a majority of the session. She suggested Downtown Carrollton for the second session and I discovered a really cool park close by, which I got lost going to. Didn’t realize the street had an east & west and of course I entered the wrong one. When I got to where my GPS took me, I found an large vacant lot. Oops!

Streakin Lil Wayne | Wildflower Photoshoot

AQHA Stallion Streakin Lil Wayne taking the Barrel Racing world by storm. Being out of Barrel Racing royalty Lil Wayne has it all, color, confirmation, and personality. Being able to shoot him for the last couple of years he always leaves a lasting impression.

Katy & Zielger - Saying Good Bye Equestrian Session

This was a tough session for Katy, she was in the process of selling Ziegler and realized she never had photos with him. We did a quick session, she wanted some images of both of them together and some of just him. He was with her trainer at KB Ranch in Aubrey Texas when we did the session the trees did not have many leaves yet. I knew KB Ranch had plenty cedar trees so I tried to utilize . those for the background. In between the time when we took the photos and when we met to view the photos, Katy sold Zielger and I could tell she missed him as the tears welled up in her eyes. I have to admit, I did the same. I have been there, selling a horse is never easy no matter the reason. Ziegler is beautiful and loud colored American Paint Horse with tons of personality, so I can understand why the tears.